We want to invite people involved in reading water meters to cooperate with us

Ladies and Gentlemen

Wares is a project whose task is to best adapt to the needs of the market associated with water meter readings. We want to invite you to cooperate on the project. We are at the stage of building a reading system and designing devices. Your knowledge and needs will be of great importance for the direction of WARES system development.

As part of our work, we want to launch the first readers on existing water supply systems. Therefore, we invite you to report building administrators who agreed to test the Wares system. The announcement is directed to building administrators from around Warsaw, Gdynia and Wrocław.

As part of the test, we will install a group of several reading devices for free. Then we will make the application available on the website. In the application you will be able to observe the current water consumption. The test system will also allow you to download data from water meters. These data can be entered into any administrative system related to the settlement of water consumption.

Applications and questions should be sent to the following address: czytamwode@wares.tech